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"It's up to us" mural project 2012-14. Click above the 'Current Works' icon, and then follow
the appropriate link. -jrr

May 2013
"After a two-year hiatus, Muralmaster is FINALLY adding new updates.
Please keep an eye on the Current Works page as the latest additions become active. -jrr"

January 2010
"Yes, my friends, the rumours are true! On December 10, 2009, John Rivera-Resto
& Miss Nancy A. Lewis
celebrated their wedding on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico."

Aug. 2008
"I would like to give thanks to the people of OnStage and BINUS University for making
my trip to Asia an unforgettable experience. Many thanks to all my new friends in Bali,
Batam, Bangkok, Hanoi and Tokyo -and most especially to Miss Jane Chen. -jrr"

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