The ADPRO mural -detail

This 10' x 22' mural (only a partial detail of the center is shown in the above image) was done for a company in Solon, Ohio. They had just moved into their beautiful new building and had good walls for art. The mural was painted directly on the wall, during evening hours, using artist's acrylic paints. It took about four weeks to complete.

The simple design consists of a nature scene with a picnic table overlooking a river. The surrounding area was populated with the wildlife you would see in Ohio -deer, foxes, owls, racoon, geese, ducks, cardinals and other birds (at least one of each).

The area in front of the mural was furnished with wooden benches, a swing seat suspended from the high ceiling, and a conference table for meetings with clients. The ensemble created a very lovely, peaceful and serene environment that perfectly suited the company's green philosophy.


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