Baur Auto Radiator Co. -painted façade

           This is one of John's early works in Cleveland. The owner of an automobile service shop specialising in radiators needed do something to fix her property. The front of the building facing the main road looked condemned since all the windows had been covered with plywood; the service entrance was actually in the back. The entire building badly needed a paint job.

           John put together a crew, they replace the wood that needed replacing, then caulked and painted the building. Signs were done in the shop and fixed on all sides of the building. Next he painted some scenes of a repair shop in four separate panels and placed them were the store glass should be.

           The upper windows were covered with painted panels with a cat painted on one of the window sills. Some lettering was added on the "front glass" and later on some landscaping was done. The final addition was the painted panel over the door on the right side. In a month the entire building was transform.

           The owner and shop mechanics always got a kick when someone came and knocked on "the front door". Traffic slowed down when they passed by. By the end of the summer the city gave the owner -Anney- a commendation. It's amazing what you can do with time and a little paint. It also helps to have John Rivera-Resto directing the job.

           Baur Auto Radiator Co. does not exist anymore. In less than six months after the restoration the property was sold and demolished to make room for the expansion program of the Cleveland Metropolitan Hospital. This job was typical of several jobs John did over the years to pay the rent. Artistically, they were not very challenging (at least by his standards). But they were fun and he made a living.


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