Thinkers Coffeehouse Mural -detail 5

           In addition to the main group tableau around the long table, the theme of the mural extended further into the coffeehouse show "guest" as they arrived to the bash. In this picture George Burns and Paul Newman take centre stage. Yul Brynner and Tom Hanks (not shown in these series of picture details) are also portrayed.

Detail of Tom Hanks as Hamlet holding a skull.

           Incidentally, upon learning of his inclusion among the "Thinkers celebrities", Tom Hanks send a comment to Carlos Baerga -a Cleveland Indians baseball All-Star also prominent in the mural. The note read: -"It's an honor to be in the same painting with the pope and Carlos Baerga." I think everyone know that Mr. Hanks is a baseball nut that honed his acting skills in Cleveland and his free time at the stadium rooting for the Cleveland Indians during their sad years.

           John's longtime friend and founder of the Cleveland Public Theatre, Mr. James Levin, is portrayed in the background behind Burns and Newman. He is admiring the lovely Karyl Kniepper (not visible in the picture) as she walks down some steps. Jim and Karyl posed for the picture. But John painted Jim in an Armani suit with a velvet and gold vest, the complete opposite of Mr. Levin's customary attire.

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