Cain -the first murderer

           Cain –the first murderer, is the companion piece to the painting: Abel -the first victim. I did these monochrome oil paintings on masonite as a school exercise in the early 1980’s. They represent the Bible story of Adam and Eve’s sons found in the book of Genesis.

           Cain killed his brother Abel in a murderous rage of jealousy. He is shown at the gazing at down at his brother as he lies on the ground releasing his last breath. Cain’s body is splattered with his Abel’s blood, markings of his violent deed.

           The live model for the painting was José Manuel Garcia, a childhood friend who was routinely cast as a villain in my early plays. In real life “Cuco” was a happy soul, always joking and laughing -the life of any party! But I found his features and his powerful physique perfect for the model of Cain.

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