It rained Kool-Aid

This painting is another one in the series of “sofa paintings” following the success of the ‘Midnight rose’ triptych (see comments under Midnight rose). It was done in oils over a canvas wrapped wood panel support -3 ft. by 4 ft. by 4 inches thick. The painting carries over into the sides as the piece is not intended for framing, but designed to be attached directly unto a wall.

The composition consists of a yellow rose and a bulb. The difference between this design compared to other paintings in the series –aside from its colour, is that the petals are covered by drops of a clear rose-tinted liquid. And since this liquid looks like the popular drink ‘Kool-Aid’ I remember from my childhood, the naming of the piece was conceived.

Doing this series of paintings was more of an exercise than a real challenge, something to have around for when I needed a quick sale. But when I was unable to find a gallery in Cleveland that would carry them, I soon moved on to other projects and forgot them. A few years ago I thought of making other paintings using a different flower but soon got bored with the idea. However, I’m presently thinking of doing a smaller series for reproduction and sale online at this websites store page.


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